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FoxMasters +CodeInspector designed for checking Visual FoxPro source codes to prevent possible errors, that may occur when somewhere in a source code you use a variable that has no announcement. It scans your vfp project/program file/form or class, and give you a detailed report that will help to fix weak peaces of your code and make it more more secure.

Why you need +CodeInspector

There are built-in checks of the obligatory announcements of variables before their usage in many other programming languages. In Microsoft Visual FoxPro such opportunity is absent, that leads to errors which are very difficult for catching even with the use of a debugger. +CodeInspector allows to check up all source codes in program files and to receive the full information on presence of such errors in a few minutes. +CodeInspector can easily check files containing source codes such as PRG, SCX, VCX.

How it works

+CodeInspector applies specific method of receiving of source codes and algorithms of checking for each of file types. E.g. for PRG files is used the check when the use of variables, declared in the basic procedure or function, by internal procedures or the functions caused from the basic procedure is authorized. For methods of forms and classes is applied such algorithm when, any variables used in a body of methods, should be obviously declared before their use. For the whole project +CodeInspector allows to specify the full list of global variables, use of which in any place of a program code is not considered as a mistake.

Flexibility and convenience

+CodeInspector allows using special preferences for solving difficult situations, when use of external variables, not declared in a body of the program allowed (you can use special constructions to specify that usage of these variables is not considered as an error).

Product has two parts: module for working with CI-Projects & Quick scan module.

With the help of Quick scan you can check forms and classes opened for changing in designer on the fly, that helps to define a place with a problem and to fix it quickly. Active projects can also be scanned, , thus +CodeInspector itself will automatically define the structure of files to check and after check will give you detailed report.

Having several projects and/or separate vfp files to scan from day to day to keep them clear from errors? These needs also could be satisfied, with the help of Project module. Just create several +CodeInspector-projects, specify their data-sources (a list of program files and/or VFP-projects to be checked), configure scan settings for them once and then you can perform a check in several clicks anytime you need. It is quick and easy!

By using FoxMasters +CodeInspector you can prevent possible errors, that may occur when somewhere in a source code you use a variable that has no announcement. That will help to make your code more secure and speed up the development of your projects by decreasing time for debugging it!


+Macros is a convenient and easily extensible automation tool for VFP developers, which is a system of FoxScript-based macros and code management utilities intended to reduce repetitive tasks during the development process. This product provides mechanisms for accessing any feature of Visual FoxPro in seconds by creating your own macros and convenient way of managing your source code through customized environment and built-in utilities. Among more than 150 of standard samples you will surely find something useful and convenient for yourself. Plug-in system has three preinstalled items, that will help you to take care of the business logic in the work of your projects and to free yourself from the Info Center plug-in), to execute and debug SQL requests to ODBC data sources SQL Assistant plug-in and to guide faster within the source code of your projects (improved Bookmarks plug-in).

As the result of using our tool you get the opportunity to manipulate your copy of VFP by customizing it according to your needs with automated macros. A lot of preinstalled items can help you to create your own macros to save plenty of your time while the Info Center plug-in helps you to take care of all development data (filters, record pointers, memory, stacks, and so on) and business logic in your projects.


  • Opportunity of creating your own macros in built-in development environment;
  • Hot-keys, toolbars and menus for quick executing your favorite macros;
  • Hierarchical structure of all macros available for easy editing;
  • Powerful code and info management tools;
  • Internal debugger and tracer of macro code;
  • Opportunity to share your macros with other FoxPro developers;
  • Support of all Visual FoxPro and Windows versions;

Macros samples:

  • Code structuring with the CodeNavigator macro;
  • Auto-completing FoxPro keywords;
  • Context help for the current word;
  • Creating FoxPro classes, methods and functions from templates;
  • Comment/uncomment and move left/right code blocks of any size;
  • Change the case of letters to uppercase/lowercase or capitalize first ones;
  • Adjust comments and annuities to make source code more readable;
  • Insert current date and user name (very convenient for commenting);

System requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP,
Visual FoxPro 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0