As against quick scan of separate files, active forms, classes and projects sometimes it is necessary to check several projects which are somehow interconnected (e.g. these are your current projects, you are constantly working with). Or maybe you need to check several VFP-files for different locations. And such type of check may be regular. It’s not comfortable to use Quick Scan window, because every time you need to specify type of check and relocate files and folders. That is why since version 3.0 +CodeInspector includes Project Window (or main window). This window allows working with several VFP-projects or/and files by gathering them into a CI-project (see basic concepts).

Example of using the Project Window of +CodeInspector

Step 1 – Creating CI-project

First of all, you define for yourself the list of sources, which will be gathered in the new CI-project. It can be a list of folders containing separate VFP-file and/or projects, or it can be a collection of VFP-projects or both variants.

  1. Launch Main Window of +CodeInspector by clicking on the VFP menu “Tools – +CodeInspector – +CodeInspector projects”
  2. Create new project by clicking on “New” button in the toolbar.
  3. You’ll see “New project” in the Project list, and properties page will opened on the Sources tab. In the VFP projects frame specify VFP-projects to be included in current CI-project, and in the VFP Source Paths frame specify required folders with VFP-files. So, you’ll gather several VFP-project and files into one CI-project. From now, we will call all these sources just “CI-project”.

Step 2 – Project settings

Second thing is to define basic settings for created CI-project, which will be saved even after you exit +CodeInspector.

  1. Open Project Options tab in the Project Properties page.
  2. Specify Project name.
  3. Turn the Auto-update option on, if you want +CodeInspector to monitor changes within the all sources and automatically refresh the file/project status (see basic concepts). (e.g. you have edited one of the sources, +CodeInspector will change the status of this file or project, so it needs scanning).
  4. Turn the Scan only updated option on, if you want to scan only those sources the status of which was changed since the last scan. (It will reduce total time of scanning process, because +CodeInspector will skip not-updated files).
  5. In the External variables frame enter the list of variables which are declared outside the scanned sources of current CI-project. You can also define the list of external variables for each source separately.

Step 3 – Sources settings

Created CI-project is ready for scanning, but despite basic properties of the whole project you can also define scan settings for each source.

To do this:

  1. Open the list of sources of the new project by clicking on it’s node in the Project list. (It’s already opened by default if you have just created it).
  2. Select required file, scan settings of which you want to specify.
  3. On the File options page you can define the following settings:
    • Skip this file – turn this option on if you want always skip the check of this file during the scan of the CI-project.
    • Scan this file – turn this option on, if you need to scan this file always, despite of changes in its status.
    • Specify list of External variables, which are declared outside current file. This will allow reducing the number of found errors, because by defining this list ?ou’ll allow usage of these variables within current file.

Step 4 – Scanning

To start scan process for created CI-project click on the Scan button in the toolbar. Watch the progress of scanning in the status line of the Main Window.

Step 5 – Using report

After +CodeInspector have finished scanning your project, you can look through the scan report as for the whole project (Scan results tab on the Project Properties page) so for any source file (on the Scan results tab of required File Properties page).

You can export the whole scan report (project scan report + scan report for each file) to an external html-file for further analyzing or printing. To do this: just click on the Export button in the toolbar and in the window that will appear specify report file name and location.

The list of CI-project is saved when you exit the program, so all setting are kept from launch to launch, and you won’t need to specify them every time you need to check one of them.

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