FoxPro Advisor: Error-Proof Code with +CodeInspector

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We would like to inform you that the August issue of the FoxPro Advisor 
published the article by Andrew MacNeill, the president of AKSEL in 
Kanata, Ontario, Canada and our registered user about 
how FoxMasters +CodeInspector can spot potential problems in code. 
The material is available for subscribers of the FoxPro Advisor magazine.

Below you can get acquainted with the introduction to this article:
Error-Proof Code with +CodeInspector

"Some developers are lucky enough to be constantly working on new 
projects or are still working with code they originally wrote. However, 
the majority are often tasked with project inheritance. Becoming familiar 
with the memory variables and naming conventions the previous developer 
used can be one of the more challenging aspects of project inheritance. 
In addition, developers don't typically inherit a project with a lot of 
time available; it's usually more of a problem-solving and 
debugging-related issue. This article looks at ways to make this scenario 
easier and introduces a tool that can help."

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