Poll – What to design next

Hello dear subscribers,
We have some ideas for implementation. You have an opportunity to take part
in defining what our company will design first. Please get acquainted with
all descriptions below and vote for the item you liked most. You may also
send your own ideas and thoughts here.

"Macros for application"
Almost each complex program today is released with such an integrated inner
language that can bring interactivity. Each product of Microsoft has integrated
language MS Visual Basic. Now, with the help of this utility, you have a
great opportunity to add interactivity to your programs created on FoxPro:
* quickly create menus and toolbars for main VFP dialog (_screen)
* change menus and toolbars without recompilation of a program
* provide users with opportunity of creating their own menus and toolbars 

"Component tools"
A set of components, including 3 classes:
* FoxMasters sizer - allows setting rules for resizing objects when parent
object size is changed
* FoxMasters splitter - allows defining objects connected to horizontal of
vertical splitter.
* FoxMasters reference saver - allows setting a list of form parameters
which are saved from launch to launch.
All data is stored in regedit (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\\) 

"Form&Class Spell checker"
Utility allows checking spelling in your forms and classes with the help of
"Spell Checker Engine Microsoft Office"