Release of +CodeInspector 2.2

             *** FoxMasters Releases +CodeInspector 2.2 ***

CodeInspector is a powerful tool for checking Microsoft Visual FoxPro program files!

* How it works

  CodeInspector applies specific method of receiving of source codes and algorithms of 
  checking for each of file types. ?.g. for the whole project CodeInspector allows to 
  specify the full list of global variables, use of which in any place of a program code 
  is not considered as a mistake?

* Extra feature 

  CodeInspector also allows using special preferences for solving of difficult situations, 
  when use of external variables, which are not declared in a body of the program?

* Convenience

  CodeInspector checks form and classes opened for changing in designers on the fly. 
  That helps to define the place with a problem and to correct it quickly. CodeInspector 
  also can check projects which are currently opened in Visual FoxPro (IDE), thus CodeInspector 
  itself will automatically define the structure of files to check and will give you detailed 
  report after the check.

By using CodeInspector you'll protect yourself from a variety of 'unnecessary' errors, and 
speed up the development and debugging processes of your programs and projects.

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