Release of +CodeInspector 2.3

It is our pleasure to announce the FoxMasters' release of the new version of 
+CodeInspector, a powerful tool for checking of VFP files!

What's new in +CodeInspector 2.3:

Added features:
 - Processing of an explicit definition of type at the announcement of variables 
of type: "private cString as string"
 - Processing of an explicit definition of an array at the announcement of 
variables of type:" private array aString [1] "
 - The item "View Error" in the context menu of [+] button in the "Code Inspector 
main window" form. 

Fixed bugs:
 - Recursive detour of section with the announcements of constants: #define 
 - Removal of the registration data after new installation of the program
 - Checking of system VFP variables (were case sensitive) such as: _MLINE ?.
 - The call of the help file from the "Code Inspector main window" form while 
option "set help off" is on.
 - The version value in the "CodeInspector options" form (tab "+CodeInspector").
 - Miscellaneous defects in the help.

Trial version of +CodeInspector 2.3 is available for download at:

Download it & try it! Your comments are welcomed at: or

I you find it reliable for satisfying your needs - purchase it at:

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Thank you for your interest to our products!
Your FoxMasters team

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