Release of +CodeInspector 2.4

Thanks to your comments and suggestions that inspired us, we?ve released a new 
version of +CodeInspector, apowerful tool for checking of VFP files! Now you know 
that your comments and suggestions are the best way to make us update and improve 
our products!

What's new:
 - NEW: Handling of Text...EndText constructions
	  Code that consists within such construction is not checked. 

 - FIXED: Handling long comments in VCX files
	In some cases there could bubble an error "variable not exists" when that 
was really a part of a long comment 

 - IMPROVED:  Analysis of functions that made up arrays such as adir(), alines() etc.
	In some cases there was possible an error of defining of indexes of object 
properties and object methods and parameters which have the same name as functions 
mentioned above.
	Example: this.aError[1,1] 

 - NEW: Handling of new (in VFP 8.0) system variables.
	Using these variables now is no longer considered as an error: _codesense, 
_foxcode, _foxref, _foxtask, _getexpr, _incseek, _include, _objectbrowser, 
_pagetotal, _tasklist, _toolbox. 

 - NEW: Main form of +CodeInspector can be minimized. 

 - FIXED: Error while working under VFP 6.0 and checking classes from VFP 8.0
	(that were inherited from classes that have no definitions in VFP6) 

 - IMPROVED: Installation structure.
	Since this version all support files of VFP are installed in the same 
folder with +CodeInspector, to avoid error "Cannot locate the Microsoft Visual 
FoxPro support library" 

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Thank you for your interest to our products!

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