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1. RELEASE: +CodeInspector 3.6
2. was offline in May
3. became our affiliate
4. News in RSS format
5. The price poll is over
6. Registration for downloading trial versions

1. RELEASE: +CodeInspector 3.6

That version is a minor upgrade for +CodeInspector 3.5. Registered users of
version 3.5 can upgrade for FREE.

 * Protection from scanning forms and classes created in VFP 2.0 and 3.0.
 * Added six new system variables: _memberdata, _menudesigner, _reportbuilder,
_reportoutput, _ reportpreview,
 * Full scan of "Microsoft Visual Foxpro 9.0 Samples and FFC" source codes was
made. Found 3200 errors. You can use the scan report for free.
Note: duplicate names of forms and classes were changed (e.g. _toolbox.vcx
renamed in _toolbox1.vcx etc.). 

 * Scanner core improved. Error of scanning program files, where variables
which have same names as VFP keywords are used.
(e.g. command "func=1" used to be recognized as a declaration of new function) 

 * Error in defining parameters of function which creates variables in memory
(e.g. local aSQL[ aSQL( aArray )] - this example shows the creation of an array
named aSQL the size of which is created within function aSQL. Error occurs only
when aArray is not defined, in previous versions aSQL was recognized as a variable
and it caused errors)
 * Error of getting full path to the object method in the hierarchy using forms
and classes (e.g. if checked method was located in Form1.PageFrame1.Page1.
Container1.SetFocus(), scanner cut the path: Form1.Container1.SetFocus(), therefore
it could not find the method)
 * Error of opening files with errors for editing. If a file had space in its
name it was changed to %20 - scanner could not open it.
 * Incorrect definition of trial period. (e.g. if you used trial version 3.0 and
then after trial period expired you installed trial version 3.5 - you could not use it)
 * Error of canceling "set notify on" option
 * Errors in +CodeInspector Quick Scan. Sometimes when scan was started for the
forms opened in VFP editor class of which differed from "FORM" error "oObject not
found" occurred. Also the procedure of report building for such forms was fixed
(line numbers were incorrect).
 * Other small fixes. 

Upgrade guide:
 1. Download new version
 2. Export all projects from the current version
 3. Install downloaded version
 4. Register new version with your Registration Information
 5. Import the projects you exported at step 2

Download FREE trial version:

2. was offline in May

Unfortunately, was unavailable since 1 through 30 of May. This
problem could be caused by our hosting provider technical errors (we are trying
to find reasons of what happened to prevent such failures in future). Now it's
o'kay and available again.
You can visit it at as usual.


3. became our affiliate

You can now download +CodeInspector from the web-site of our new affiliate:

FoxMasters believe that it is just the first step in distribution of our products
on the internet. If you have any ideas or suggestions about where you want to
see our products, please contact us.


4. News are now available in RSS format

We are here at FoxMasters are trying to do our best to provide you with useful
products, technical support and to keep you informed about latest updates. We
decided to create an RSS feed to bring you latest news. Please use the following
link for adding our news feed to your rss-reader or web-site. We are also planning
to create newsletter feed in RSS format.

5. The price poll is over

The poll started several months ago concerning the price for +CodeInspector and
+Macros is over. Unfortunately, we received too little information from your side.
So the results cannot be analized, cause of lack of data.  Well, it was our first
experience, hope to receive more feedbavk from you in future.


6. Registration for downloading trial versions

Since 9th of June to download any of our products you need to provide us with
your name and e-mail. Your personal information will not be distributed to any
3rd party. It's collected only for marketing purposes. After download you will
receive a few email messages concerning the product. Usually it's a reminder to
register downloaded product or information about discounts etc.
The download process is simple:
1. click download link
2. enter your name, email and submit the form
3. check your email account for a message with download link
4. click received link to start download process


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