Release of +Macros 2.5

Dear subscriber!
FoxMasters have released a new version of +Macros.

Here is some information about our product:

	FoxMasters +Macros 2.5

	FoxMasters' +Macros System is a powerful automation tool for developers who 
work in Visual FoxPro based on the FoxScript procedural macros. FoxScript macros 
automate every aspect of developer's work in VFP and dramatically increase developer's 

	Customize Visual FoxPro to your own tastes easily and quickly and create your 
own macros using FoxScript language. +Macros also includes 20+ standard macros and 
additional code management utilities such as  auto-completing FoxPro keywords, comment 
and uncomment text blocks, move blocks of code left or right and more. 

There were 2 new code management macros added in version 2.5:
1.	Code Navigator.
Code Navigator was designed for quick navigation on a source code. With it?s help you 
can go from one point in source code to another just in several clicks.
2.	Form And Class Members Show.
Form & class members show designed for quick navigation on the list of methods and 
events of a form or a class, which are opened for viewing and editing. Just in some 
clicks you can go to one method from another without making complex manipulations with 
mouse or keyboard.

Free yourself from tedious repetitive and routine operations and make your work in 
Visual FoxPro easier and much more pleasant!

	$49.95 (discount system available!)

We are convinced that FoxPro developers deserve to have the best tools and support in 
the world! So,if you are interested in our offer, please visit our web-site 
( to read more about +Macros, make an order and to download 
latest versions of our software.

Max Korovichev