Release of +Macros 3.0

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This is a new issue of FoxMasters newsletter:
1. Appologizes
2. Release of +Macros 3.0
3. Web-site updates
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First of all, our appologizes:
We are extremely sorry for such a delay with release of +Macros 3.0 but 
there were reasons for that, we hope such things won't happen in future. 
Thank you for understanding...

===[ RELEASE OF +MACROS 3.0 ]===
Finally we did it. Now version 3.0 of +Macros is available for download. 

FoxMasters +Macros is a powerful automation tool for developers who work in 
VFP based on the FoxScript procedural macros.

What's new in version 3.0:
	* Entirely new macros development environment
	* Support of VFP 9.0
	* New editor of FoxScript code with FoxPro syntax highlight
	* Support of FoxScript code tracing in internal debugger
	* Customized toolbars with support of buttons with drop-down menus
	* User toolbars automatically save their docking positions
	* Support of quick switch of debugging mode
	* Support of drag and drop for moving macros
	* Assignment of hot-key to a macro by pressing buttons on keyboard
	* Toolbars reloaded after command "clear all" or other procedures
	* Included toolbars for all VFP menu items
	* Included toolbars for all system macros
	* Support of unlimited extension of VFP main menu with your own items
	* Standard macros collection extended 
	* New plug-in system designed (incl. new program for working with data)

NEW! PRICE: 	89,95 USD
Try it and share your thoughts with us.

There were also made some structural changes in +Macros section on our site 
and some little fixes on other pages, so don't be confused. Contact us any 
time you need our assistance, found a bug or have some notes.
Visit to find out more.

Thank you for staying with us.

===[ CONTACTS ]===
FoxMasters Team