VFP Automation tools


Scans VFP source codes to reveal variables which are used without declaration or, vice versa, declared but are not used. It gives you a detailed report where you will see all variables without declaration and their location (file name and line number). This report will help to declare such variables in two clicks.

Since version 4.0 you can integrate +CodeInspector scanner into your VFP projects to automate the process of monitoring source codes and keep them error-proof.

+CodeInspector can easily check PRG-, SCX- and VCX-files by applying specific methods and algorithms of code management for each file type. Product has two modules: quick scan of currently opened files and environment for more flexible scan of variety of projects and sources (folders).

You may find the tool valuable in the case you need to adapt code written by someone else for your project (e.g. when you use open source samples to implement different features in your application). +CodeInspector helps to save tones of time and your attention during the debug process.

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+Macros provides mechanisms for accessing any feature of Visual FoxPro in seconds by creating your own macros, toolbars or menus and easy way of managing your source code through customized environment and built-in utilities. This product is a convenient and easily extensible automation tool for VFP developers, which is a system of FoxScript-based macros and code management tools intended to reduce repetitive tasks during the development process.

Among more than 150 of standard samples (e.g. code structuring, auto-completing keywords, context help, code templates) you will surely find something useful for yourself. +Macros has internal debugger and tracer of macro code.

Plug-in system has three preinstalled items, that will help you to take care of the business logic (filters, record pointers, memory stacks) in the work of your projects (Info Center plug-in), to execute and debug SQL requests to ODBC data sources (SQL Assistant plug-in) and to guide faster within the source code of your projects (Bookmarks plug-in).

New Active Desktop component implemented in version 3.5 will surely please you with three Outlook-styled panels (most recently used files, project resources, Task Pane shortcuts), Calendar with integrated task manager and reminder, and built-in support of shortcuts for variety of objects right on your VFP screen.

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